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I specialize in non-surgical hair replacement services and products for clients with moderate to severe hair loss ( Alopecia) for 34 years.

I partner with Primary Care Physicians, Oncologists, and Dermatologists to assist men, women, and children suffering from hair loss induced by chemotherapy (cancer), male and female Pattern baldness, scalp burns, Thyroid Disorders, Lupus, Trichotillomania (hair-pulling).

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FAQ'S About Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

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What is a cranial prosthesis?

A hair prosthesis (or cranial prosthesis) is a custom-made medical wig specifically designed for patients who have lost their hair due to medical conditions such as cancer (chemotherapy), Alopecia, Trichotillomania (hair-pulling) Pattern baldness, or Lupus.

Does insurance cover cranial prosthesis?

Most insurance companies will cover between 80-100% of the cost for your full cranial prosthesis and will allow you to receive one cranial prosthesis per year for medical hair loss.

We have a National Provider Identification Number that allows clients to utilize their health insurance, Tri-Care, or Care Credit Card to supplement costs, or we can set up a payment plan that will fit into your budget.

What is a medical wig?

Wigs for cancer patients or medical wigs are custom made for those undergoing hair loss from chemotherapy cancer treatment, alopecia medications, or other forms of illness. The different types of medical wig styles available can help one recapture his or her style of personality and confidence.

What is the best wig for cancer patients?

The Best wigs for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy is a custom cranial prosthesis‘ and not synthetic wigs because synthetic wigs can cause allergic reactions or irritate the scalp.

What causes your hair to fall out?

Life changes, including illness, emotional ordeal, protein deprivation (during strict dieting), and hormonal shifts like those in pregnancy puberty and menopause may cause hair loss. Several health conditions, including Thyroid Disorders, Lupus, Trichotillomania (hair-pull), chemothorpy, and Alopecia, also can cause hair loss.

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